May 27, 2010

You just woke up to too many things all at once. When life dishes out one thing after another we go into shell-shock. Don’t expect yourself to know what to do next. Sort through the rubble and get in touch with what you’re dealing with before you even dream of making a plan. Right now the plan is about baby-steps — and it would help if you could resurrect a little faith. Because the key to pulling out of this has to do with seeing the blessing in it and believing with your whole heart that you are totally supported by life no matter how tough things get. (LEO)

High pressure tactics take so many different forms. Not fond of the direct approach you’re an expert at subliminal strategy. In your current situation this could turn out to be a huge asset. No matter what form things are taking your needs won’t get met by making an issue of them. Whoever you’re dealing with likes to know that they’re on top. The merits of surrender mixed with unconditional love are as powerful as water when it comes to wearing down the rock of power or resistance. At the moment, your strength lies in your ability to inspire their trust. (CANCER)

Real Detroit Horoscopes, May 26, 2010

My chart comes up all cancer, but I am a lion through and through.

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