June 30, 2011

The Orderly Disorder Zinester Librarians in Circulation Tour is on its way. You can read its progress here.  I will be reading at the Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, and Milwaukee dates. Other participants are Jenna Freedman (Lower East Side Librarian), Celia Perez (I Dreamed I Was Assertive), Debbie Rassmussen (Fly Away Zine Mobile), and John Stevens (Dilettantes & heartless manipulators)

Here is more info:

  • Cleveland JULY 3 at Barking Spider Tavern, 6:30 pm (here)
  • Detroit JULY 5 at Cass Cafe, 10 pm (with David Geer, Madision Lynn Glyttr, Andrea Perez, and J Rae Warren) (here)
  • Chicago JULY 6 at Quimby’s, 7 pm (here)(here)
  • Milwaukee JULY 7 at the Tool Shed, 8 pm (with Jessica Bublitz and Christopher Wilde) (here)
I will be giving away free copies of the zines I made while in library school. When everyone else was making a PowerPoint I was making a zine
  • Weed This!  – this was made for Collection Development and functioned as an outline for a class presentation.
  • RATS and MICE: Vision and Revision in the Adult Playground – this goes along with the Times Square bibliography you can find on this site. It was made as an outline for a presentation for Archives and Collective Memory (one the favorite classes of my library school career) The copying on this thing is shit, but beggars be not chosers.
ALSO I will be unveiling the Dig Deep #3 // Your Secretary #10 split on tour. Heather’s exact quote on finishing this zine was “done done done! get this glue stick out of my face!” I like to imagine her saying this while  jumping up and down waving a White Sox foam finger in the air. I like to imagine everything Heather says to be delivered in such a fashion. This zine is all about libraries and information science! Go nerdsss.
When I get back from tour I will post scans from Ego Baby #2 // This is Invisible #0. Ellie has given me permission to post some scans of her work as well which is really exciting! If you are in Chicago you can see a physical copy of Ego Baby #2 as well as No Better Voice #21 at the Underground show at Woman Made Gallery. More info later; I promise. (hahahaha ; hate!)

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