What I didn’t do over my summer vacation.

July 29, 2011

design by Morgan Ward


I would like to title this “The Summer of the Flake” as I have been flaking out of responsibilities left and right. Unfortunately, I will not be in DC this weekend due to work obligations and financial woes. Boo! Hiss! You can read over here about how a perzine is different from a music zine, with Your Secretary as the example. I tend not to agree with the writers assertions, but (if you know me, you know) I tend to not agree with anyone about anything.  I am learning how to disagree in a kinder, gentler fashion though.




Have no fear! Heather will be in DC with Stranger Danger. You can pick up copies of various issues of Your Secretary as well as handfuls of awesome zineage from her. She really likes Bud Lite Lime if you are so inclined.


Also, in the press leading up to the DC Zine Fest Jenna Brager answers the burning question,  “What is the worst zine ever?”

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One Response to “What I didn’t do over my summer vacation.”

  1. sassyfrasscircus said

    god i don’t want to be associated with myself right now.

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